Well Done

25 Min

PÖFF Shorts Tallinn 2018

Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival 2018

Palm Springs ShortFest 2018

Haifa International Film Festival 2017

Directed by: Omer Ben Simon, Aryeh Hasfari

Production: Omer Ben Simon, Gilad Lustig


Script: Aryeh Hasfari, Omer Ben Simon

Photo: Omri Barzilai

Editing: Amir Stolar

Production year: 2018

Genre: Fiction (Drama), Ficition (Comedy)

Topics: Manhood, Identity, Family

Today in the family dinner, Omer's famous cousin got a bad review that hurts the family's pride. Now the family demands him to encourage her, while Omer's ego wouldn't allow him to fulfill their request.