Curated Programs

Oron Shamir

About the curator

Born in 1985. Film critic in "Haaretz" newspaper, writes about film professionally since 2006 ("Ahbar Hair"). Founding director and editor-in-chief of the grant-winning cinema blog "Srita", since 2010. Lecturer, judge and curator in collaboration with film festivals in Israel and renowned cultural institutions in Israel and abroad. But most importantly - former archivist at the film archive of the Steve Tisch School of Film and Television at Tel Aviv University (2016-2013). Lives in Brooklyn, New York.

About the list

The greatest pleasure of working in the film archive was the access to the treasure which is the student films catalog of the film department at Tel Aviv University. I especially enjoyed digging deep and finding first cinematic experiments by established filmmakers. I really enjoyed getting a fresh stack of films for cataloging purposes and then watching them myself in order to write their summaries. This is how I learned to love the short film as a format, so choosing just ten films from the huge catalog is not an easy task for me. In my selections, I tried to diversify in terms of different genres, themes and generations of filmmakers, In the hope of creating a balanced list and reflecting the wealth and variety. Alongside well-known and appreciated films that I also personally like very much, I also chose according to my personal taste and with an emphasis on hidden gems. The choice of collaborations and directing pairs is also intended to include as many talented names as possible.