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Welcome to the Terms of Use of the Steve Tisch School of Cinema and Television Film Archive at Tel Aviv University (hereinafter – “Tel Aviv University”). Any Use of the internet website of Tel Aviv University (https://tau-st-filmarchive.com) (hereinafter – “the Website”), is subject to these Terms of Use and your consent to these terms.

You should carefully review these Terms of Use before Using the Website. If you do not agree to any term of these Terms of Use, please refrain from browsing or any other use on the Website.


1. The Website is owned by Tel Aviv University.
2. Any viewing, browsing, reading, contacting, downloading or any other act or use
on the Website (hereinafter and together – “Use”), is subject to these Terms of
Use, the Privacy Policy, and your consent to the terms and the provisions detailed
therein, in full.
3. With each Use of the Website, you declare and undertake that you are at least 18
years of age or that one of your parent's (or other guardian) gave his consent for
you to Use the Website and also agreed to the Privacy Policy and these Terms of
4. These Terms of Use are drafted in the masculine language for reasons of
convenience only, and they refer to masculine and feminine alike.
5. For any contradiction between these Terms of Use and any other publication, the
provisions of these Terms of Use shall prevail, unless expressly stated otherwise.
6. The updated Terms of Use are published on the Website. Tel Aviv University
will update these Terms of Use, from time to time, at its sole discretion and in
accordance with the law. The user (including any party on his behalf) shall not
have a right to make a claim, demand or contention against Tel Aviv University
in this regard. Please be sure to return to this page from time to time to review the
latest version.
7. These Terms of Use were last updated in April 2023.

Performing Actions on the Website

8. Within the framework of Using the Website, you can read and receive
information, view content (such as films), and contact Tel Aviv University.

9. Any uploading of content to the Website is subject to a specific agreement with
Tel Aviv University, and the consent of the university. For further details:
[email protected]

Limitation of Liability

10. The information, films and services on the Website are to be used AS IS. It is not
possible to tailor them to the needs of each and every person. The user shall not
have any contention, claim or demand against Tel Aviv University regarding the
information, films and services offered on or through the Website, their accuracy,
reliability, completeness, up-to-date-ness or frequency of publication. Tel Aviv
University is not responsible for problems, the content of the films, loss, injury or
damage that may be caused due to the Use of the Website or due to viewing the
content, or relying on the information or the content of the films published on the
Website. The use and reliance on the information and films on the Website are
the exclusive and full responsibility of the user.
11. Tel Aviv University does not guarantee the continuous operation of the Website.
It is possible and it is agreed that the operations of the Website will be disrupted
or halted, for various reasons. Tel Aviv University may, at its exclusive
discretion, perform maintenance operations and/or refresh the Website and/or
change the design and/or any other action that may prevent access to the Website.
12. Tel Aviv University implements systems and policies for data security and
through them reduces the risks for unauthorised penetration to databases and its
computers, however they do not provide absolute protection. Tel Aviv
University does not guarantee that its privacy and data protection systems are
immune to any attempt at penetration and/or hacking or that the Website and its
systems will be absolutely immune from unauthorised access to information,
including information provided by the user on the Website. Tel Aviv University
shall not be responsible for any damage caused due to an intrusion and/or hacking
and/or unauthorized access and/or any theft of information or attempt to steal
information from its databases and/or the Website.
13. For your attention, any Use of the Website and/or websites related to it, may
expose the user to the dangers associated with using the Internet, including
computer penetration, viruses, malware, and the like. Entry to the Website, the
Use of the Website and entry to other websites through links and/or references
from the Website are the sole responsibility of the users. It is recommended to
install sufficient protection and security software, before any use and/or entry to
the Website.
14. For your attention, some of the films may contain blunt, extreme, provocative
content, including scenes of violence and/or content of a sexual nature, and
viewing the films on the Website is intended for adults only.


15. Your Use of the Website is subject and conditional on your consent to the Privacy
Policy, in full. To review the Privacy Policy, click here. [TAU – please insert a hyperlink

to the Privacy Policy] If you do not consent to any of the terms of the Privacy Policy of
the Website, please refrain from Using the Website.

Direct Mailing and Advertising

16. The user agrees and confirms that Tel Aviv University (and anyone on its behalf
and/or directly or indirectly connected to it) is permitted to use the information
the user provided and information collected about him during the Use of the
Website for the purposes of publication and/or marketing and/or contacting about
various commercial offers and/or direct mailing, all via email, SMS messages,
telephone messages, regular mail delivery or any other means. It is possible to
withdraw this consent at any time by approaching Tel Aviv University according
to the communication details set out above in these Terms of Use. For further
information, you may review the Privacy Policy.

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights and Trade Secrets

17. All property and intellectual property on the Website and any other information
related to the Website or contained therein (including, but not limited to, the
content, the films, any computer code, data, information, content, trade secrets,
graphic files, website designs, application, text, software, hardware, inventions,
improvements and any other material included and/or related to the websites, the
website names, the domain names of the Website, and all trademarks (whether
registered or not) on the Website and/or related to the Website) are the exclusive
property of Tel Aviv University or a third party that granted Tel Aviv University
a license to make use of it and no person shall have a right, demand or claim
against Tel Aviv University regarding these rights, and he is not permitted to
make use of these rights, except through and with prior written approval of Tel
Aviv University only.
18. Without derogating from the foregoing, any technological material including
software, hardware, programs, specifications, data, processes, inventions and
improvements, trademarks, trade secrets, and any other information that can be
identified in any way as information related to the Website shall be the property
of Tel Aviv University and no-one has any right to them, including the right to
use them. The trade names and trademarks associated with them ('logos'), are
trade names owned by Tel Aviv University and no one shall have any right to
make use of these names or claim any rights to these names. Tel Aviv University
respects the copyright of others and therefore if you come across information or
images or any other representation that you believe infringe the copyright of any
third party, please contact us via email and indicate their content and location and
we will act to remove them as quickly as possible.
19. The use of works within the framework of this Website is carried out pursuant to
the law, including, inter alia, according to Section 27A of the Copyright Law,
5768-2007. If you are the owner of the rights in one of the works and/or parts
thereof, and believe that these rights have been infringed, you can contact us
using the contact information below and request to cease making use of the work,
and we will consider your request in accordance with the law.

20. Any other action, including, inter alia, copying, distributing, publicly displaying,
publicly performing, transmitting, making available to the public, changing,
processing, creating derivative works, selling or leasing any part of the above,
shall not be performed whether by the user and either through or in collaboration
with a third party, by any means or way whether electronic, computerized,
mechanical, optical, by photographic or recording means, or by any other means
or way, without obtaining the prior written consent of Tel Aviv University or the
other rights holders, as applicable, and subject to the terms of the consent (to the
extent given).
21. The user may not use any name, mark or logo that is identical or deceptively
similar to the trademarks, logos or name of Tel Aviv University. The user shall
refrain from any action or omission that could damage the reputation of Tel Aviv
University in any way. If and to the extent that such consent has been given, the
user must refrain from removing, erasing or disrupting any notice or sign
regarding intellectual property rights, for example – the copyright mark ©, or the
trademark ®, accompanying the content that will be used by the user.

Rules of Conduct on the Website

22. The Use of the Website is permitted for legal purposes only, in good faith, and
subject to any law, and for personal purposes only.
23. Content that is defamatory and/or any content that is or through its publication
constitutes grounds for a lawsuit or content that may cause damage to any third
party and/or to Tel Aviv University shall not be uploaded.
24. Do not impersonate, provide incorrect and/or inaccurate information within the
framework of the Use of the Website. Do not Use the Website for a group and/or
other person, without obtaining prior express consent.
25. Do not directly or indirectly copy and/or reproduce and/or distribute and/or
publish and/or transfer (including through a third party) any content featured
and/or displayed on the Website. Do not activate or enable the operation on the
Website of any computer application or any other means, including software of
the type Robots, Crawlers, and the like, including, inter alia, for the purpose of
searching, scanning, copying or automatically retrieving content from the
Website, including, not to create and not to use the aforesaid means, to create a
compilation, a collection or repository that contains content from the Website.
26. Do not collect information directly and/or indirectly relating to users of the
27. Do not carry out actions that may infringe or whose purpose is to infringe the
privacy of other users of the Website; do not perform actions intended to harm
the Website and/or Tel Aviv University and/or anyone on its behalf and/or any
third party.
28. Do not display content from the Website within a hidden or visible “Frame”.

29. Without derogating from the foregoing, Tel Aviv University is entitled to take
any legal action against a user who has violated one or more of the provisions of
these Terms of Use – including, inter alia, Tel Aviv University is entitled to
prevent a user from accessing the Website permanently or partially and/or make a
claim for compensation and/or indemnification and/or set-off of any amount
and/or act by any other means available to it in accordance with applicable law.

Links and Content of Third Parties

30. The Website may contain content, links and/or services of third parties (including
social networks) on the Internet. These services and content are not necessarily
connected to Tel Aviv University and it does not control or supervise them. The
fact that the Website connects to these services and content does not attest to Tel
Aviv University's consent to their content and does not guarantee their reliability,
up-to-date-ness or lawfulness, the actions of the owners of the content and the
service providers in the field of privacy and any other aspect associated with their
operation and Tel Aviv University does not bear any responsibility in connection
with these services and content, is not responsible for any result that will be
caused by them or reliance on them. We recommend that you read the privacy
policy and terms of use of the third parties before using them.


31. Any user undertakes to indemnify Tel Aviv University, its employees, and any
party associated with or acting on its behalf, for any injury, loss, damage,
payment or expense caused to them (including attorney's fees and legal expenses)
as a result of a user's violation of any of these Terms of Use, and for any
contention, demand and/or claim that is raised against them by a third party as a
result of the user's violation of any of these Terms of Use.

Written Notice

32. The user confirms and agrees to receive any notification from Tel Aviv
University or persons related to the Website, including any “written notification”
under any law, to the email account whose address was entered by him (to the
extent entered) within the framework of operation on the Website.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

33. The governing law of the Website (including these Terms of Use) and in any case
of a legal dispute directly and/or indirectly connected to the Website and/or Use
of the Website is Israeli law only. The sole and exclusive authority to determine
any legal dispute or conflict directly and/or indirectly connected to the Website
and/or Use of the Website is given to the competent court in the District of Tel
Aviv-Jaffa (and not to any other level of court).

Contacting Tel Aviv University

If you have any questions or requests in connection with these Terms of Use, you may contact us by email at [email protected], telephone no. 03-640951